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The Lines We Trace

by Of Athens

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Ignorance 04:20
Ignorance Lyrics Verse 1: You've dulled my senses, and stricken me blind, I must forget to mention, you won’t take me alive . Chorus: Don't shut your eyes, ignorance is appalling obsessed with yourself, I've heard your lies, such a hypocrite practice what you preach, how do you sleep at night? Stuck in your own little world it makes me physically ill, don't you know I've made my sacrifice? Open up your mind and shut your mouth. Verse 2: You’ll never know, can’t comprehend what happens next, so god damn slow, can’t understand what’s in my head. Bridge: WAKE UP, WAKE UP Everyday there's something new WAKE UP, WAKE UP It might be tough at first, but I'll do it with you WAKE UP, WAKE UP Once you start you'll have to follow through WAKE UP, WAKE UP I'll make my promise come true
Deja Vu 03:24
Deja Vú Lyrics (Verse 1) Do you ever feel like you've been here before? Like a song stuck on repeat that you're desperate to change? Well Jesus Christ, that seems to be the title of my biography I keep screwing up, fucking up and man it's getting old. (Chorus) Yeah I’ve tried to learn from my mistakes, yeah I’ve tried to grow wiser with each day yeah I've tried to grow wiser with each day. But those tired old philosophies just don't seem to apply to me, at least when you're moving backwards, there's still a sense of change. But if I always do what I've always done, I'll always be stuck in the same fucking place, no sense of change. (Verse 2) I'm always the first one to give my friends advice But yet I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to my own life. (Bridge) Ive never felt so lost, I’m fed up with it and now I’m pissed, all I want is to finally be free, trapped under social anxiety . (Interlude) I'm bipolar antisocial ADHD seems that I'm a chronic failure and no one can fix me (Chorus) (Breakdown) (Chorus)
Promise 04:43
Promise Lyrics Intro: Anybody remember their lives and cry from lies, oh I, I remember my dreams were wild not mild as a child oh I. Chorus: Oh and I'll make you a promise, couldn't break if I wanted, and I'll cross my heart and hope to die, I'm willing to make that sacrifice, I'll pinky swear and drown my sorrows, no more begging and no more borrow, just a single thing, I'll say the truth, there's nothing to stop me from getting back to you. Verse: We'll wait, on you, but I'm stranded here, I can only lose, so why don't you let me down, maybe look for love, I’m home bound. Bridge outro: And I’ll make you a promise, couldn’t break if I wanted, we’ll wait, we’ll wait on you.


released October 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Of Athens Brighton, Michigan

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